Royal Vegas Online Casino Sets the Table with Original Games

The best thing about a menu is the broad selection. Royal Vegas Online Casino’s carte du jour is full of mouth-watering choices that could change your life.

The table games at this remarkable, award-winning casino are firm favourites with hordes of online gamers, both new and old alike.

Test your skills, try your luck and take fortune on head to head with the following casino table games:

  • Baccarat’s popularity can be attributed to James Bond playing the game of kings in a number of the 007 movies. This casino card game may have originated in Italy but is perfected by Royal Vegas Online Casino.
  • Blackjack, also known as 21, is all about reaching a value of 21, or the closest value, without going bust. The dealer is your primary opponent and the game, at Royal Vegas, is played with a standard 52 card deck with no jokers. Test your skill and enter one of the live tournaments.
  • Craps is a game of betting on the roll of the dice but isn’t all about chance. As the player you can be the shooter and try your luck at winning on the way the dice land. Either bet against other online gamers or the Royal Vegas casino itself.
  • Roulette has made its mark on popular culture with the image of a roulette wheel spinning becoming iconic. Featuring roulette can be considered the mark of an excellent casino. Royal Vegas offers you the “little wheel”, on which to place your bets and a number of different games to play. This casino also gives you the option of playing American (with 38 pockets) or European (with 37 pockets) roulette.

The world’s most favoured table casino games are available for all registered players at Royal Vegas. With outstanding graphics and sounds the experience is mind blowing. Register an account and try your luck with any of the table games offered.

Should you need any assistance the call centre is on hand 24 hours a day to help resolve any issues you may encounter, assist with account registration and lead you in the right direction of all the awesome table games available!

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