Fruit Machines are In Season All Year Round at Royal Vegas Online Casino

The jingle of a winning bell on a slot machine ringing, and announcing a huge win, is synonymous with casinos worldwide. The popularity of slot games is evident through their abundance in pubs and restaurants too; not only casinos. As far as casino games go, and the infinite variety, fruit machines have the largest menu selection from which to choose. Players can select one of the video slots or the reel slots that are available at Royal Vegas Online Casino.

The History of Fruit Machines

Known as fruit machines in the United Kingdom, slots were developed in 1887 by a crafty American, Charles Fey. The simple original of this spinning game featured three spinning reels with five symbols that needed to match up for a win. The basic principle of the game hasn’t changed much over the years since the prototype, Liberty Bell, first made its appearance.

The machine’s popularity and fame is evident from the many copies of it that were created across America and later, the globe. Even when, back in the day, the prizes were nowhere near the level of reward available at Royal Vegas, people still flocked to have a try. Originally, prizes were not cash but rather a meal or drink, on the house, at the establishment where the machine was set up. Over the years jackpots changed to include food parcels and even chewing gum in an effort to evade gambling laws.

In the 1960s a company called Bally produced the first electromechanical slot machine, that could pay up to 500 coins without human intervention, and christened it Money Honey.

Although the fundamental principle of slots has not changed much over the years, these machines have evolved rather dramatically. From the early, more traditional, reel slots the evolution has landed on the doorstep of technology enhancements with superior graphics, incredible animation, unbelievably realistic sound quality and mind-blowing bonuses.

Register an account with Royal Vegas and have your pickings of all the available fruit machines and boundless winning opportunities.

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