Royal Vegas Online Casino Brings you Blackjack

The Game of Skill and Arête

Discover the joy of educating the dealer, and other players, in an online game of blackjack. The world’s most favoured table game, brought to you by Royal Vegas Online Casino, is available in a number of varieties (including live tournaments) and is the ideal outlet for an abundance of skill.

Blackjack, also called 21 (or vingt-et-un in French), is all about reaching a value of 21, or the closest value, without going bust. Your primary opponent is the dealer and the game, at Royal Vegas, is played with a standard 52-card deck from which the jokers have been removed.

Even though the game is one of expertise and ability, there is an element of luck involved, especially in achieving a “blackjack” (when your hand is valued at precisely 21). At Royal Vegas you can test your skill and fortune by choosing from a variety of blackjack games. With this outstanding British casino providence is always on your side.

    • History:

      Where exactly this game originated is unknown but it does have medieval Spanish and French influences. Due to the unfathomable reluctance with which this game was originally met, huge bonuses were offered in order to encourage players to have a go. The bonus was a result of a card combination of a jack and an ace which was called a blackjack. The name stuck and the fabulously entertaining game was christened.

    • The Rules:

      As this is a game based on counting (not card counting) each card has a value:

      • Numeric value for cards 2 to 10
      • Face value (10) for jack, queen and king.
      • Either 10 or 1 for an ace, depending on what the player needs.

The player wins if his or her hand is closer than the dealer’s to 21. Or if the dealer goes bust.

After the first two cards have been dealt the player can choose to “stand” (accept no more cards) or “hit” (request another card). If the first two cards have the same value the player can split them and play two hands simultaneously, which could result in the initial bet amount being doubled. If the player and the dealer tie the original bet is returned to the player (known as a “push”). Players can choose to “surrender” should they deem their chances of winning with a specific hand slim to none, with slim having already left the building.

The best, and most ingenious, way of learning to play the game and improving your skills is through playing the game. Practice, practice, practice. Register a Practice Play Account then, when you are comfortable with your ability, register a Real Money Account and show the dealer a thing or two.

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